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​關於我們 About us






Hong Kong Sky Martial Arts Academy is a professional martial arts academy dedicated to promoting Chinese martial arts and cultivating more martial arts athletes for Hong Kong. The college has an excellent teaching team, including many international champions and professional coaches, with profound qualifications and superb skills, able to provide students with the most professional guidance and training.


The college offers a variety of martial arts courses at different levels, including competitive martial arts, Tai Chi, Nunchaku, etc. Students can choose according to their interests and needs. At the same time, we focus on training for comprehensive physical and mental development, and encourage students to actively participate in various competitions and performances to improve their martial arts level and life experience.


In addition to teaching activities, the college also regularly participates in various martial arts cultural activities and exchanges, such as martial arts competitions, Tai Chi on-campus cultural lectures, nunchaku regional experience classes, etc., allowing more citizens to have the opportunity to learn and experience the charm of Chinese martial arts culture.


The purpose of the academy is "Heaven moves vigorously, and a gentleman strives for self-improvement." We will continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the promotion of martial arts culture.

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