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Chen-style Tai Chi is one of the styles of Tai Chi originated from the Chen family in Chenjiagou village, Henan province, China. It is one of the six major styles of Tai Chi and the oldest one. Chen-style Tai Chi is characterized by slow movements, smooth breathing, and the principles of yielding and neutralizing. It emphasizes the coordination of internal and external movements, the circulation of energy and blood, and the tranquility of the mind.

The practice of Chen-style Tai Chi focuses on the coordination of body and mind, and the control of breathing, which can help improve physical fitness, relieve stress, enhance immunity, and improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.

At Hong Kong Sky Martial Arts Academy, we offer Chen-style Tai Chi courses starting from basic movements, gradually guiding students to learn complex routines and application techniques, while emphasizing the control of breathing and relaxation of the body. Our coaches provide customized teaching contents and course difficulty levels according to students' different levels and needs.

If you are interested in learning Chen-style Tai Chi, welcome to join our courses at Hong Kong Sky Martial Arts Academy. We provide professional teaching and a friendly learning environment, which will help you gain joy from learning and improve your physical and mental health.




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